A vibrant community shop selling all the daily essentials and fresh treats you need.

WELCOME! Wellow’s Parlour Shop is a vibrant, well-stocked and friendly village shop run by and for local residents, stocking local produce where possible. We’re also a perfectly placed pit-stop for passers-by, whether on foot, bike, horse or car.

We supply a host of lovely fresh, locally sourced products including meat, fish, dairy, veg and cakes, as well as a full range of store cupboard staples, baking ingredients, alcohol and soft drinks, confectionary and household essentials.

We are always looking for interesting new local producers, and operate a state of the art till system which helps us to monitor what you, our customers, really like.

Whether you need a last minute ingredient or are used to placing a weekly order for a range of quality goods, the shop is here. We save residents the time and cost of getting in the car, and most importantly provide a meeting place and hub (particularly for older villagers) that, along with the pub, church and school, helps to keep our rural community vibrant and the people here connected. It’s a resource for everyone but also needs the support of all to survive.

Who & how
The shop is a not-for-profit organisation that has been running for over 20 years. We have a handful of paid staff but otherwise rely solely on the generosity and tireless work of volunteers to stay open.

Do let us know if you can spare the odd hour to do a shift or other behind-the-scenes tasks. It would be hugely appreciated, as would any donations to fund the shop’s development.


We send out regular updates on new suppliers, offers and promotions. Drop us a line with your email to receive yours.

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